Planned Giving Program of
Florida Baptist Foundation

Eddie L. McClelland, Executive Director/Treasurer

The Florida Baptist Foundation exists primarily as a ministry to help those who desire to benefit their church and Baptist ministries financially during their lifetimes and at their passing.

The Foundation works with individuals who desire to establish a charitable endowment to pass on a legacy gift to ministry. A legacy is something (heritage, tradition, financial gifts) that is left behind for future generations to use. A gift through the Florida Baptist Foundation to your church or desired Baptist ministry through a bequest or other planned gift will establish a legacy of faith for succeeding generations to use for the advancement of the Kingdom.

An endowment provides a means for the church and/or ministry to extend its’ ministry beyond the resources that are possible through current giving. Establishing an endowment is a clear statement that your church and/or desired Baptist ministry is preparing itself for the mission of the future.

The Florida Baptist Foundation was established in 1947 as the Trust and Investment Agency of the Florida Baptist State Convention for the purpose of facilitating and managing trust endowments. Our commitment is to make certain that your wishes and gifts to your church and/or specific Baptist ministries are exactly as you planned.

Let me suggest a couple of endowment ministry ideas that are dear to Baptist Life.

1.Missions Fund – Earnings will be used to support the various mission activities your church either sponsors or supports financially, either directly (church sends funds) or the income goes directly to the ministry (i.e. Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, State Missions etc).
2.Community Ministries Fund – Earnings are used to support various ministries in and around your local area, such as feeding shelters, disaster relief ministries, and local Baptist associations.
3.Church Memorial Fund - Earnings are unrestricted and spent at the discretion of the church to support the various ministries and activities of your church.
4.Education and Scholarship Assistance – Earnings are used to assist students from your church, association, or seminary with scholarship assistance.
5.Personal Endowment Fund – Earnings are used to support several ministries with annual gifts. You select a number of ministries and we divide out the gifts on an annual basis.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use the resources God has given you to be a blessing and advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. These are just a few suggestions.The next step is to begin the process and learn how…CLICK HERE

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