“I am pleased with the growth of almost two million dollars of bequests (at current value) being designated to our ministry. I am even more pleased with the integrity and spiritual values with which PhilanthroCorp approaches their work. They have helped secure the financial future of ministry expansion of Calvary Baptist Church and Day School....”
Don Mann, Associate Pastor for Communications and Development
Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC


“The PhilanthroCorp organization has been a Godsend to Sagemont Church. We have found that they deliver exactly what they promised; professional expertise and a servant's heart. I can whole-heartedly recommend them to your church”
Chuck Schneider, Executive Pastor
Sagemont Church, Houston, TX

to find out how we can help your church and your members!

Our Results

Here's what we know about estate giving in general:

If you take a Christian, committed giver through the charitable estate planning process, giving comes naturally. Giving through an estate is a natural extension of lifetime habits, except more impactful, as individuals can give through assets, not just cash.

At PhilanthroCorp, we work with our church clients' most committed members, and yet we have found that only 1 of 40 individuals had charity in their estate plan before meeting with us. This opportunity is almost entirely overlooked; it is tragic.

Conversely, after serving these members and meeting their goals, the average gift to our clients exceeds $200,000.

Below are some examples of work that we’re doing in churches across the nation:

Sagemont Church 02/10 $31,866,578 $2,279,608 51:1
First Baptist Church Montgomery 01/09 $27,593,139 $3,486,651 75:1
Houston's First Baptist Church 09/12 $28,682,863 $17,842,818 58:1
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church 03/17 $2,718,766 $5,977,279 52:1
Brentwood Baptist Church 01/09 $10,177,640 $19,630 57:1
First Baptist Church Woodstock 01/16 $9,217,405 $3,617,812 71:1
First Baptist Spartanburg 05/13 $3,992,559 $529,817 27:1
Hunter Street Baptist Church 08/14 $5,444,813 $10,989,199 40:1

*Studies demonstrate that a mature planned giving office averages costs per dollar of 8¢ - 10¢. The PhilanthroCorp actual experience over the past ten years is less than 2.4 cents cost per dollar created. Our proven strategy, marketing and donor service systems result in more than $40 (current value) of future gift per dollar of planned giving expense.

In summary, PhilanthroCorp offers a turn-key system from strategy and marketing to completed gifts. Let us tailor a planned giving program for your church today!

Why does PhilanthroCorp exist?

PhilanthroCorp exists to grow the impact and reach of the local church for the gospel of Christ by meeting the needs of church members with estate planning and gifting of assets. Our desire is to be a blessing to the members we serve by helping them develop a legacy plan that transfers management of worldly wealth and relationships in a manner that reflects good stewardship.

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