Planned giving for Grace College

Minimize Taxes, Increase Charitable Gifts

PhilanthroCorp serves faith-based educational institutions from k-12 to Bible Colleges and Universities. As a partner, we seek to elevate and enhance planned giving success by identifying, motivating, and guiding our client’s most committed donors through what is often a complicated process of estate planning and sale of assets. Our knowledgeable and passionate team strives to relieve much of the complexity associated with estate planning as well as create a beneficial outcome for both the organization and their donors. PhilanthroCorp consistently yields positive results for clients by increasing giving capacity from donors, averaging over $40 in gifts for every $1 invested in our service. More Info >>

Why does PhilanthroCorp exist?

PhilanthroCorp exists to help educational institutions grow their impact for future generations by assisting donors with charitable estate planning as well as gifting of assets. Educating donors who believe in the mission of education about the opportunities that exist to leverage their God-given resources through charitable planning, and then assisting them with the implementation of sound, stewardship-oriented planned giving has incredible capacity to endow these institutions to future generations of young leaders.