Dave Keesling, Executive Vice President

Following ten years as Director of Development for Project Concern International (1969-1979), Dave was appointed to begin the planned giving program for the Young Life Foundation, where he served for six years. While at Young Life, Dave pioneered the concept of outsourcing planned giving as a way of enhancing donor confidence in the planned giving communications process. As a result, in 1983 Dave founded Estate Design Inc., with the goal of providing independent, confidential charitable planning assistance for a broad range of Christian non-profit organizations and families. While still giving leadership to Estate Design, Dave also served as (volunteer) President of WaterStone from 1993 to 1996 to help smooth its relocation to the Colorado Springs area. WaterStone is the nation’s oldest Christian Community Foundation. While there, he pioneered the use of a Legal Audit to analyze and improve the financial accountability of the organization, assuring full compliance with all legal and accounting requirements of the I.R.S. In 1997, he merged Estate Design with PhilanthroCorp to form America’s premiere planned giving outsource company. PhilanthroCorp’s 100+ client ministries include churches, para-church and Christian educational ministries of all sizes, throughout the country. PhilanthroCorp has also developed the first and most extensive online planned giving service for ministries that want to communicate planned giving effectively to their donors, including an online process for donors to complete planned gifts in complete privacy. PhilanthroCorp’s efforts have generated more than $2 billion in confirmed gift commitments for their client ministries, yielding a 40:1 Return on Investment (ROI) for clients across the board. Dave’s undergraduate work at the University of Kansas emphasized Political Science and International Relations. He has taught extensively in settings across the country in venues such as Christian Leadership Alliance as well as countless Continuing Education seminars for the legal, accounting and financial planning professions. He also speaks extensively at donor events for client ministries around the country.